Sunday, March 09, 2014

Take a moment

The world is busy and loud now and people rush about everywhere not even noticing what’s happening around them, but late at night when most of the world is sleeping and quiet sneak outside, look at the stars, smell the air, shiver when the chill of it hits your lungs and turns your breath white. Listen. Listen to the silence and the soft sounds of the evening. It’s not really silent; there will always be sound if you listen closely. The sound of a night bird, a train in the distance, the wind whistling through the trees, even the sound of your own heartbeat can be heard. It’s all there if you listen.
It is late now, turn off your tv, step away from your laptop and phone and all the other devices that make you feel connected but leave you utterly alone. Walk out into the night, embrace the cool air, and dance alone in the night breeze. Stare up at those watchful stars that you haven’t looked at in oh so long.
While you look and you listen and you dance, remember what it is to be alive, remember why you live and what really matters to you. Perhaps you’ll find it’s not what you’ve been working so hard at.
We never stop anymore; we keep going so fast and forget why we started. The world spins and no one even notices how beautiful it all is.
Take a moment to feel what it is

To be alive.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rose Petals

Rose petals scattered the floor of Jake’s apartment. When Sophie walked in she saw them and smiled, it was Valentine’s Day after all and she had been expecting a surprise proposal from Jake, all day she had been nervous with anticipation. She took off her coat to reveal her dress, it was the sexiest one she owned, she had bought it solely for this moment, she planned to show Jake exactly why he loved her and no one else. Two wine glasses stood on the table next to a very expensive bottle of red wine, she filled them both up. The petals marked a trail into his bedroom, she knew he would be in there waiting for her, she picked up the glasses and carried them to the bedroom door. The door was pulled to but not fully closed, she nudged it open with her elbow and stepped into the room.
She dropped the wine glasses, the wine instantly soaked into the carpet but she took no notice, she was staring at the bed. Jake was lying on the bed, she had expected that, but what she never expected was the hedge trimmer sticking out of him, it had half severed his head from his body and blood was splattered everywhere.
“I’ve been waiting for you Sophie.”
They were the last words Sophie ever heard, before she even got a look at her attacker she felt the blade of a knife cut into her neck, she was dead by the fifth penetration.
Martine grinned and dropped the knife. She used a towel to wipe the blood splatter from her face. She liked the messy kills, she so rarely got to do them in her line of work so when she did it was always a pleasure. She looked to the bed, she had hoped to sever the head completely but the hedge trimmer had jammed and stuck halfway through the spinal column, she couldn’t get it out.
She shrugged, “Next time remember the chainsaw… or maybe a bonesaw.”
She smirked and walked out, her job completed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Crimson water thick as gravy flowing down the bedroom walls
Nails sharp as razor blades extending from vicious claws
Ear piercing screams again and again penetrate the silence
Skulls crushing in into dust, clamped down by tyrants
Madness streaming into sanity like blood turning to water
We drink from the fountain like lambs to the slaughter
Needle piercing our lips, stitch those mouths up tight
Use of fear and false enemies make them too stupid to fight
Hands raised into the sky, reaching for the dawn
Blood soaking every hand, we are but their spawn.

Monday, January 06, 2014

"Don't stand too close to someone, you'll miss the bigger picture, but don't stand too far away, you'll miss the details. Stand just far enough away that ignoring their normal voice is considered socially acceptable."

K. Wilkinson

Saturday, December 21, 2013

"A good writer will make you imagine, a great writer will make you believe."

K. Wilkinson in 2000? maybe, maybe from someone else earlier.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


They were screaming, screaming
As my eyes bled
They shouted and blamed me
Filling me with dread
They tormented and they hit me
I wished I were dead
They fought about me all the time
Said it was all in my head
The psychological nightmares
They wished to embed
Terrified me so much
I saw nothing but red
Walls melting like blood
Riding the red snow in my sled

I should have fled
Not been mislead
Broken that last thread

But if I ran, who would they torture in my stead?

Saturday, December 07, 2013

When we loved

When we loved, we loved eternal
Forever and a day
When I smiled it was for you
Saying all that we couldn’t say
When we danced we touched the sky
Together in our loneliness
When the music stopped we stood alone
Returning to emptiness
Not a gesture, not a sign
Not a look across the room
What we had was silent
And the moment over too soon

When we spoke we spoke internal
And when we loved we loved eternal